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AION - A7 



1  Specification

LCD Display   4 Digit numbers  
 Reference Icons 4 levels of reference icon  
 Audio On / Off switch  
 Detector GM-tube with Ne+ Halogen (SBM20)  
 Radiation Detected Beta, Gamma and X-rays  
 Countable Pulse Resolution& Range 6 CPM , 3500 CPS  
 Measurement mode 0.06 ~ 500 uSv/h  
 Tolerance, (gamma) radiation equivalent 25%  
 Permission error limits of gamma radiation Equivalent 25%  
 Measuring range, (gamma) radiation energy 0.0595 ~ 3.0Mev  
Tolerance, Cs-137 radiation equivalent Dose rate   15%  
 Permission error limits of Cs-137 radiation from 1uSv/h 15%  
 Operating temperature From -1 to +50  
 Humidity  up to 95% at 35 degree
 Battery life

Continuous measuring  time : 1080min.

Standby time : 12months.  
Battery (9V Alkaline Battery)    not exceeding 27x18x48mm
 Dimensions, Nor more than  60x26x122mm
 Weight, not more than  200g

2 ) LCD Display Information.


1.This icon spins on detecting radiation. Before operation or after measurement done, 
   this icon stays still.
2.This icon means radiation level. There are 4 radiation levels. (It works only in CPM mode.)
3.This 4 digit numbers display radiation value.
4.Mode icon (CPM, Bq, Bq/g)
5.Battery warning. Need to replace battery.
6.This icon identifies unit of measurement.

3 Operation


      3-1   Power button 

    To power on, press this button over 1 sec. To power off, press this button again.

   When pressed to power on, LCD blinks and AION-A7 will initialize. When initialization  is done,      

P          preparation for CPM mode detection is finished. When run button(gold color) pressed, Measurement

            in CPM mode will be operated for 1 minute.


               3-2   Mode button

               To change measurement mode, press this button. There are 3 modes of measurement, 

             CPM, Bq , Bq/g.

               3-2-1 CPM Mode 

               When run button (gold color) pressed, AION-A7 detects radiation dose equivalent for 1 minute           and displays measured data. When radiation detected, icon spins and speaker beeps.

               When mode button pressed during measuring process, process would be cancelled. 

               When run button pressed during measuring process, process would be restarted.

Measuring range: 0.06uSv ~ 500uSv / h


              3-2-2 Bq Mode

              In Bq mode AION-A7 detects energy value of natural background radiation.

             User should run this mode before measuring Bq/g mode. When the value of radiation dose       

             equivalent goes over 0.15uSv, lead shield case is needed to get accurate value.

             When AION-A7 is used at home and radiation dose equivalent is over 0.2uSv,

             measuring should be run in plastic or glass case. The value of natural background radiation in    

             seashore or forest is usually lower than urban area.


              3-2-3 Bq/g Mode

             Before running Bq/g mode. Get natural background radiation value by running Bq mode.

             Value in Bq/g mode means radiation energy value from target material such as rice, meat, fish    

             and so on. 

             Radiation dose value which is acquired by detecting (gamma) and (beta) particle would be 

             automatically converted to Bq/g value.



 Put AION-A7in glass or plastic case. Then run Bq mode. It has auto power off function. 

Then put target material such as rice or fish in case with AION-A7 together.

Run Bq/g mode.If it show 0.040Bq/g value, it means 40Bq/Kg ( 1000g x 0.040Bq/g = 40Bq/Kg).


When value of natural background radiation goes over 0.1uSv, tolerance is 25Bq/Kg.

If accuracy of value is needed, measure in lead shield box.

If it  detect same of natural background radiation level.

It will show 0.025Bq/g value as follow Japans ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

For more information :

                As Follow Japan government action, Under 25Bq/Kg of Bq value will display 0.025Bq/g.

              It automatically calculate Bq mode of back ground radiation with Bq/g mode of value.

              If user want to check raw data, Run Bq mode two times. First measurement  for 

              Back ground radiation, Second Measurement for food's raw Bq value.

Ex ) 1Kg of Mushroom value = 35Bq , Back ground radiation = 33Bq 

35Bq - 33Bq = 2 Bq/Kg.

3-3 Audio On / Off Switch.

On right side of AION-A7 is slide switch. When switch on, speaker icon appears in LCD.

When switch off, icon disappears and there would be no sound.

3-4 Battery Warning Icon. 

When battery low, this icon appears. Needs to replace battery. 

<Notice> When battery low, tolerance of measured data would be bigger than normal condition.

3-5 Auto Power off mode.

. AION - A7 has auto power off function. In CPM mode and Bq mode 90 seconds after

 detection finished, power would be off automatically. 

In CPS mode, same does in 10minutes. When power off automatically, only measured data in

Bq,  Bq/g mode would be saved.

4 JQA Certification (Japan Quality Association)

 AION - A7 got a JQA certification, So, AION-A7 of Factory calibration meet JQA Certification of